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The professional's Choice products are researched and scientifically tested, using an advanced technology to optimise ligaments and tendons protection.

Thanks to the Ultrashock lining, absorb an average of 26% of energy generated as the hoof impacts the ground. Four time more than bandages or traditional protections. Antimicrobial inner lining.

Highly durable and easy maintenance.

• Contoured -- strategically placed darts on both the inner and outer sides of the boot ensure a perfect, glove-like fit, keeping dirt out

• Multi-layered -- exclusive limestone-based neoprene exterior and UltraShock™ lining provide 360-degrees of protection

• Shock-absorbent -- proven to absorb energy from hoof concussion by over 26% and safeguard the cannon bone, tendons and soft tissue

• Suspensory strap -- stretches upon each impact of the hoof, allowing full ankle movement and helps to eliminate hyperextension of the fetlock

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What size?

Available in:
  • Size: M & L.
  • Type: Front leg & Hind Leg.
  • Colour: Black, Burgundy, Crimson Red, Pink, Lime Green, Sage Green, Royal Blue, Navy, Purple & White.

Product variations in stock:

Size Type Colour Quantity
M Front leg White 1
M Front leg Burgundy 1
M Hind Leg Crimson Red 1
M Front leg Royal Blue 1
M Hind Leg White 1
L Hind Leg Black 1
L Hind Leg Sage Green 1
L Hind Leg Navy 1
L Front leg Pink 1
L Hind Leg Pink 1
L Hind Leg Purple 1

Product variations that are not in stock are generally available within a period of 1 to 3 days.

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